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Condo Building Insurance

At Commercial Insurance Solutions, we specialize in providing condo building insurance that's custom designed to meet the needs of our clients nationwide.

Our agents are familiar with the the unique aspects of condo building insurance and other common ownership entities, and work closely with directors to ensure their policies adhere to association by-laws.

Commercial Insurance Solutions is an independent, privately owned insurance brokerage company and is licensed to do business nationwide. As such, we are well acquainted with the various state regulations pertaining to condo buildings and are uniquely qualified to provide risk management services in Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHAs) and catastrophic exposed areas including Florida and the Gulf Coast as well as West Coast quake areas.

Instead of offering ìone-size-fits-allî condo building insurance from a single company, we provide our clients with the best possible coverage at the lowest rates from a vast group of well established, financially sound carriers.

Several of our condo building insurance solutions were actually developed by these partners exclusively for Commercial Insurance Solutions and are not available through other brokers.

We also understand that our work isn't done once the policy is written. At Commercial Insurance Solutions we strive to offer the best, most responsive service on an ongoing basis. We continually monitor changes within the insurance industry and offer our policy holders valuable advice on loss control through our Apartment Guard newsletter on a quarterly basis.

Our condominium association insurance provides our policy holders with product specific solutions and valuable advice on current loss control issues and large loss lessons learned with our quarterly Apartment Guard newsletter via e-flyer.

In the event that you should ever need to file a claim, our agents will be there to assist you at every step of the filing process to ensure your claim is settled as quickly as possible.

Contact us today at 1-888-613-2224 for a complementary, no-cost condo building insurance quote.

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